The Marketplace.

The prices of art work vary according to the size of the painting, the time invested in completing the work, the cost of the supplies needed to produce the work, the artist’s perception of its quality, and a variety of other factors.

Supply and demand has no bearing on the cost of original art work because each work is individual and one of a kind. I am happy to quote prices on original works of art featured on this website or in shows or galleries. Please contact me for information by phone at 516-735-5901 or by email at

Giclee reproductions are one of the most popular ways to purchase quality art if the original is beyond your reach. These reproductions are made with advanced technology into high resolution transparencies or scans that can take hours to produce. The scans are edited digitally to match color and tones of the originals and are so precise they are difficult to distinguish from the originals. The giclee are printed on high quality, archival paper or on canvas and last a lifetime. In addition, they can be printed in a variety of sizes without loss of quality.

Any of the original works found on this website can be reproduced into giclee by request. Just ask and I’ll be happy to provide a quote. Pricing is based on original picture size and printing on archival paper or canvas. Taxes, shipping and handling are additional.

Owning an original piece of art is special, but not always affordable or within your budget. There are other ways to purchase art that may satisfy your desire to own a particular artist’s work such as calendars, stationery, cards, and other means and, from time to time, you may see opportunities to do that on my Facebook page at