About the Artist

I have been fascinated with people’s ability to draw since I was a child. My experience with drawing began early when my parents bought me my first drawing set by TV artist Jon Gnagy, who’s television “art class” fascinated me. I drew frequently and had a receptive audience consisting of my family, who kindly decorated their rooms and homes with my early attempts. That was enough encouragement to keep me interested well into adulthood.

I earned an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts from Nassau Community College studying with Robert Carter, Stan Kaplan and other art professors. It was here that I learned the basics of print making and sculpture, to paint in oils and acrylics and learned how to apply design skills to abstract concepts. Student art shows there yielded two first place ribbons; one in painting and one in sculpture.

Art moved from field of study to hobby while I earned my graduate and post graduate degrees in communication arts, raised my children, returned to the workplace as a journalist and established my own public relations business.

I’m a member of the Suburban Art League, Independent Art Society, Babylon Council on the Arts and Huntington Arts Council and have exhibited in their member shows. I’m also a member of the Art League of Long Island where I have attended classes for the past ten years studying with Donna Harlow Moraff, Joe Bucci, Howard Rose, Maryann Schelblien-Dawson, and Jan Guarino. I have shown regularly in ALLI’s member shows, too.

My preferred medium is pastel because it allows me to play with and mix color in a unique way. I enjoy the fluid nature of watercolor, use mixed media as a hyper-extension of my creative expression and in recent years have become a devotee of watercolor, which allows a looseness and freedom of style that I enjoy.

Art is another form of communication for me. Often, it’s an emotional reaction that allows me to look at landscapes, nature, people and objects with intensity and to project to an audience the subtle nuances that I’m discerning.

I hope that you enjoy my work and that it opens new perspectives to you and encourages you to express yourself in a new way.